Where’s Joe?


Where’s Joe Biden on national TV suggesting that the White teenager beaten by three Black kids[1] could’ve been him 57 year ago? Of course Delaware’s three Blacks (in 1956) probably didn’t all ride Joe’s school bus, but then the president’s statement about Trayvon Martin was also symbolic.

Both statements would interpret their antecedent incident as being race-based, and you just can’t do that when the crime is Black-on-White. The question is, why does the media let liberals get away with it when the crime is White-on-Black? Ideological courtesy – liberals don’t make liberals look bad.

Liberals live in a three-dimensional world – race, gender and class – it’s like their observable universe, and nothing beyond that is relevant. All of existence must be interpreted through those filters or it doesn’t make sense to them. The Florida incident doesn’t fit liberals’ narrative, so it didn’t happen (or is so irrelevant as to might as well not have happened). And this shows that these dimensions aren’t mere metrics through which to view reality – they’re directionally biased in that the datum-point for race is White=Bad, for gender it’s Male=Bad, and for class it’s Rich=Bad. So, if you’re a rich White guy, you don’t stand a chance with liberals unless you can demonstrate a similar myopia (or write them a check). Corrective lenses (known as “Political Correctness”) are available to those wishing to join in the fun.

It’s little wonder that the economy befuddles them (it doesn’t really work the way it looks in their universe), and foreign affairs seem somehow alien (they keep doing things outside their observable universe, like al Qaeda attacking a consulate while “Osama bin Laden is dead and General Motors is alive!”).

Oh well, as I was reminded the other day, we’ve only got 1,252 more days of this silliness to go.

[1] See, inter alia, Lisa Suhay, School Discipline Experts Say Driver Made Right Call, in Christian Science Monitor, August 7 2013; Nadine DeNinno, Florida Bus Driver Looks On as Student is Beaten, in International Business News, August 7 2013; School Bus Fight Caught on Video, Bus Driver Doesn’t Intervene, UPI, August 7 2013.