the Iranian Bomb


There’s no way to know what kind of deal could have been struck with Iran because we’re stuck with the deal that was. But we do know that, instead of preventing an Iranian bomb, we’ve endorsed one after the deal runs out.

We didn’t get any of things that we were told were necessary to prevent an Iranian nuclear weapon – unlimited inspections, suspension of enrichment, destruction of non-allowed infrastructure, dismantlement of their ICBM program – none of it. The inspection of suspect sites will be done by Iran (?!), who will forward samples to IAEA. Enrichment will continue. Non-allowed infrastructure will be stored in “secured” facilities. ICBM R&D will continue after eight years – and, as a non-nuclear bonus, the embargo on conventional arms trade will be lifted after five years. What did we get? A nuclear arms race in the midst of a kinetic religious reformation.

The hostages and nukes got equal treatment from this administration – both got kicked down the road for somebody else (anybody else!) to deal with. I’m hoping that when Iran detonates its first ObamaBomb, the president will have the decency to return his Peace Prize.

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  1. Well…After Congress takes it’s month-long August “vacation”, you can always hope that they will come back and vote the deal down. They will still have a few days left within the 60 day window to review the agreement. And if they don’t vote it down you can always hope that a Republican President elected next year will be able to join forces with Bibi Netanyahu and give Iran the good “smack-down” they so richly deserve..

    • Congress will reject the deal, but won’t be able to override the president’s veto. And the next president will probably abrogate the agreement. A war between Iran and the civilized world is inevitable anyway, it would be wise to engage them before they have nuclear weapons.

  2. I see…The United States and it’s allies need to start a war with Iran in order to prevent Iran from starting a war with it’s neighbors and using nuclear bombs once they have built them? Sounds to me like a warmonger’s dream come true…Of course you assume that Iran doesn’t care what is going to happen to their country in this all out war…WOW!

    • We won’t , of course … we’ll wait until the Sunni powers have nuclear weapons, and when Iran uses theirs (probably on Israel) we’ll have a general nuclear exchange in the Middle East. That’ll be better won’t it?

    • Seriously Libby?

      Did you fail history? Google Neville Chamberlain and read about what his reluctance to go to war did for Europe in 1939. Here, I’ll even give you the link:

      Sometimes you have to go to war to stop a bigger one. The deal Kerry crafted, and we can only assume Obama signed off on, can only lead to shooting. The only question is whether Israel takes Iran’s nuke plants out first or Tel Aviv goes up in a mushroom cloud which will more then likely kick off WWIII.

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