Here Be Dragons


Old World maps only went out to the mid-Atlantic because no one knew what lay beyond. The edge of these maps was inscribed with the sailor’s warning: “Here Be Dragons.” Liberals are flirting with the dragons of extremism.

The Great Confederate Hysteria is a prime example of Leftist Lunacy. After the Charleston shootings, South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley ordered the legislature to consider removing the Confederate battle flag from state property, and placing it instead in a museum. It was a symbolic gesture meant to match the marvelous manner in which the citizens of Charleston came together to offer support to those suffering loss. Old, young, black, brown and white, rich and poor – all came together without divisiveness or rancor. They even forgave the shooter. It was a national moment that coalesced before Al Shparpton could get there to inflame it.

It was a perfect example of how adults handle tragedy.

Then other states joined in. States that don’t even have the battle flag on state property are contemplating removing them from public view; statues commemorating Confederate soldiers are mentioned for removal; streets, buildings, parks and schools named for Confederate heroes are being flagged for re-naming. TVLand has even cancelled re-runs of Dukes of Hazard! It’s a feeding frenzy, based on nothing to do with the Charleston shooting. It’s Liberal political correctness and the assumption that we all have the right not to be offended – or Newspeak, to readers of George Orwell’s 1984. It’s Liberalism gone off the deep end.

Revisionist history is something we always criticized the Soviets for, but it apparently has become Liberal-chic these days. From the playbook of Dynastic Egypt-to-Stalinism, it’s an erasure of history in favor of a “preferred,” whitewashed version. It’s childish. It’s un-American. It’s also deliciously ironic in that the battle flag in question was raised (over the capitol building in South Carolina) by a Democrat, the Confederacy was largely supported by Democrats, and the civil rights movement was initially resisted by Democrats (Eisenhower had to send the 101st Airborne in to enforce integration in Little Rock, remember?).

This is nothing short of censorship – “here’s another word you can no longer use” – calling Islamist terrorists “Islamist terrorists” comes to mind. This comes, not from common sense – like personal slurs – but from a self-assumed superior class that make these decisions “for” us. It’s arrogant and elitist.

Liberals just can’t take “yes” for an answer.

They got gay marriage, now they’ll want churches that can’t find it in their beliefs to perform them to lose their tax exempt status. They’ll want family-owned companies that can’t be part of a gay ceremony to be run out of business. They’ll scour for past comments they deem offensive, and vilify the speaker – try to get them fired. This is “tolerant” Liberals at work.

Liberals fear freedom. They’re sure we’ll make the “wrong” decision if we’re left to our own devices. If you don’t conform, you’re wrong – no, you’re a hater. If you don’t agree with a decision of President Obama’s, you’re racist (never mind that Liberals don’t support his trade policies). If you argue against an idea of Hillary’s, you’re a misogynist (never mind that Liberals think she’s too hawkish, or too tied to Wall Street). If you want voter ID, you’re anti-poor (never mind that you need identification to pick up your entitlements).

Liberals have wandered so far off the rational path they find themselves in that region marked as Here Be Dragons.

3 thoughts on “Here Be Dragons

  1. Nice Rant! One of your better efforts in the ranting business that you are so fond of, I’d say.

    • Not to brag, but I do have a black belt in screed. This whole political correctness thing is just getting out of control, and it has bred a population of the easily offended, to whom form is function – if you say this, then you are that. It’s opportunistic thinking, and it’s gotten to the point where one whiner can bring a business to a halt while the emotionally damaged “victim” is recompensed. A noticeable segment of the professional Left has drifted out there where the busses don’t run.

  2. There are many, many conservatives who agree with your point of view. An excellent example would be Donald Trump.

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