Full Circle[1]


Well, I’ve come full circle on the sequester. We should let it happen. Sure, it’ll be very bad for defense, but so will this administration anyway. The main reason I’m now for it is that I’m convinced this is the only way we will get any cuts in non-defense federal spending, even if it doesn’t touch the real problem – entitlements. Any start is a good start.

His “balanced” approach to kicking the can down the road this latest time turned out to mean higher taxes with no cuts. Now he’s talking “balance” again. His thirst for stealing the earned wealth of others is insatiable. It has become obvious that the president isn’t serious about cutting government spending – four more trillion-dollar deficits won’t bring him down, and he doesn’t give a flying *#!@ about the debt – that’ll be somebody else’s problem.

With 14% of what’s left of the workforce un- or under-employed, trillion-dollar deficits as far as the eye can see, a “What difference does it make” foreign policy, and around seven million “If you like your insurance, you can keep it” individuals set to lose their coverage this year, our president takes off on a “Let them eat cake” trip to Florida for golf lessons and to play a couple of rounds with Tiger Woods. Michelle and the girls set off for Aspen on another $17,000 an hour presidential plane. These people have no intention of cutting anything.

He started this “post-partisan” Chicago-style thugocracy early-on – a trillion-dollar political payoff package known as a “stimulus” (PS, it didn’t work) and a trillion-dollar entitlement package hilariously called the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act in his first two years, both with a grand total of three Republican votes. Voters reacted by removing his legislative majorities in both houses. And now here we are with the latest “crisis.” The sequester was cooked up in the West Wing by Jack Lew and White House congressional relations chief Rob Nabors[2] and promoted by the president, let him have it. It’s time to think of saving the republic from further trauma. Try to mitigate as much systemic damage as possible, and hold fast on further usurpation of individuals’ earnings. No more taxes. Deal with it.

[1] Title art by Sally Helper.

[2] See Bob Woodward, Obama’s sequester deal-changer, in Washington Post, February 22 2013.

It’s Official, There’s Something in the Water in San Francisco


Nancy Pelosi, on national television, stated – with a straight face – that “we do not have a spending problem, we have a deficit problem.”

For any Nancy Pelosi think-a-likes out there, I’m writing this slowly, and I will try to use small words. In 2012, we spent $3.8 trillion dollars, while taking in $2.47 trillion. That’s a shortfall (read: deficit) of $1.33 trillion. If the problem isn’t spending, then it’s income, meaning that we need to raise taxes by 53.846%. Everybody’s tax bill needs to more than double to solve our “deficit problem” without viewing it as a spending problem. Did I lose anyone? I’ll give you time to re-read the paragraph before continuing.

This administration has become so blasé about lying to our face that the leader of Democrats in the House of Representatives can look us in the electronic eye and make such a statement. It’s tax-and-spend on steroids, but finally presented honestly – we need whatever revenues are required to complete our dystopia of all-government-all-the-time. The unbridled arrogance and apparent psychosis in this statement is made all the more dangerous by the 47% of voters who don’t pay any income taxes whatsoever – what do they care about everybody else’s taxes? Their incentive is to increase taxes on those who do pay, so they can continue to reap their entitlements.

For those who still enjoy an even basic understanding of economics, it should be remembered that government is a non-productive segment of the economy – it’s a productivity sink. The higher portion of the nation’s efforts that are usurped by government, the less goes to improving the standard of living, the less is left to do the hiring and expansion that is needed for a growing economy. This administration is strangling the golden goose it needs to finance its hallucination of a liberal utopia.

Oh My God! Get Over It!


Enterprise Florida, a public-private joint venture that promotes business development in Florida, released a new logo (shown above), and news sites and Facebook lit up. It turns out the stylizing the “i” in “Florida” as a necktie is sexist. Really? This is today’s bête noire?

First, there is no constitutional right not to be insulted. It’s called maturity – shrug and move on (if by someone you know, cross them off of your “Merry Winter Solstice” card list).

Second, these people who see everything through a racist/sexist/Islamaphobic/fill-in-the-blank’ist filter, need to find something productive to do with their time; there are real problems in this world and logos aren’t on that list. If a Judeo-Christian-hating, misogynist, misanthrope had a plan that could pass Congress and solve our hallucinatory spending binge, I would vote for him/her/it.

Third, if this hideously inappropriate and blasphemously insensitive promotion fails, it will have cost these knuckle-dragging mouth-breathers the $380,000 it cost to develop the logo – wouldn’t that be a good thing to these “I’m insulted” whiners? If, on the other hand, it causes some businessmen/businesswomen/businessthings to consider Florida for its tax and regulatory advantages, and start or relocate their companies in Florida, hiring people, wouldn’t that be a good thing for Floridians? Win-win.

Fourth, and I love this one, the furor being raised by these whiners has brought the logo (and what it stands for) to instant national attention, furthering the cause of Florida as a favorable business environment – pure genius on their part, I’d say.

Any of you ladies have workable ideas on stabilizing the Middle East? Didn’t think so.